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How to Survive a Mass Shooting in Your Workplace
About Our Speaker(s)
Bo Mitchell

Bo Mitchell, President/Founder 911 Consulting, CEM, CPP, CBCP, CHCM, CHSP, CHEP, CHS-V, CSSM, CSHM, CFC, CIPS, CSC, CAS, TFCT3, CERT, CMC was Police Commissioner of Wilton, CT for 16 years. He retired in February 2001 to found 911 Consulting which creates emergency plans, training and exercises for organizations like GE HQ, MasterCard HQ, Hyatt HQ, Goodrich, plus 25 secondary schools and four colleges/universities. He serves clients headquartered from Boston to LA working in their facilities from New York to San Francisco. Bo has earned 16 certifications in homeland security, organizational safety and security. He also serves as an expert in landmark court cases nationally.

 Bo is a Certified Emergency Manager, Certified in Homeland Security and a Certified Business Continuity Professional.

How to Survive a Mass Shooting in Your Workplace (CDP761W)

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Pre-recorded Webinar
Bo Mitchell
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Friday, November 4, 2016
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60 minutes
Event Description

Learn How to Prepare Yourself to Respond in a Mass Shooting Scenario at Your Workplace

 A mass shooting in your workplace means you and your employees are in a combat situation—that will very likely be over in a few minutes. Orlando, San Bernadino, Sandy Hook, the Maryland Malls are examples of these chaotic and kinetic conditions.

The stats reveal: Active Shooter, workplace incidents—with one or more dead—have quadrupled in the last three and a half years. And the fact that the killing may be over before the police can respond makes it even more terrifying. How you respond in the first few seconds will dictate the consequences. You and your employees have to be quick and respond correctly.

In this session, expert speaker Bo Mitchell will give you advice on how to prepare yourself and respond in a mass shooting scenario in your workplace or in any other public place.

Session Highlights:

  • Can you prevent these mass shootings?
  • How do you and your people respond in the first seconds and minutes?
  • How will your police department respond in your workplace?
  • Do you want to arm you employees?
  • What does RUN/HIDE/FIGHT mean to you and your people regarding a mass shooting in your workplace?
  • How do you prepare yourself and your people?

You will also get answers to the following tough questions:

  • It’s very difficult to get employees to train. How do we get this done?
  • Do you really expect my employees to fight a guy with a gun?
  • How to get that 10 Commandments of Planning and Training?
  • Is it smart to use local police to plan and train our people?

Why Should You Attend:

Beyond the first minutes of response, you—as the employer—have specific responsibilities, exposures and liabilities towards workplace safety. Learn how to address your issues for this growing threat of mass shooting in the workplace in this session by expert speaker Bo Mitchell.

Who Should Attend

  • Emergency Preparedness Coordinators and Safety , Security & Risk professionals
  • Managers, Supervisors
  • Threat Assessment Teams
  • Law enforcement officers
  • Top Management
  • HR Directors
  • Human Resource personnel
  • Anyone involved in the development or implementation of a workplace violence prevention policy
  • Anyone who is interested in learning how to identify, prevent, defuse or resolve violence in the workplace

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