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The Truth About What Reviewers Are Looking For in Your Grant Proposal
About Our Speaker(s)
Cyndi MacKenzie

Cyndi MacKenzie, a Grant Professional Certified, has won over $22 million dollars in resources for her clients and has been providing training at GPA National Conferences (2015 + 2016), and various regional and local conferences.  For thirteen years in this field, Cyndi provides a full range of grant professional services to non-profits of all sizes with board development, strategic planning, grant writing, grant management and post-award consultation.  As a Grant Professional Approved Trainer, a GPA Grant News contributing author, and a member of the Grant Professional Association, Cyndi keeps up-to-date on the latest research and trends, as well as being dedicated to the highest ethical standards in the field.

The Truth About What Reviewers Are Looking For in Your Grant Proposal (CDP173K)

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Pre-recorded Webinar
Cyndi MacKenzie
Conference Date
Tuesday, February 14, 2017
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60 minutes
Event Description

The Insider Truth on What Reviewers Are Looking For in Your Grant Proposals.

Grant Professionals often wonder if reviewers even read their proposals. There is a misconception that exists in the profession that reviewers skim proposals, want you to write to low readability levels, and lack a true interest in all that you have done. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Join this session by expert speaker Cyndi MacKenzie, GPC, to get the insider truth on what reviewers are looking for in your proposals. Cyndi will provide you answers to questions and dilemmas such as:

  • Does it even matter what we write?
  • Do personal stories matter?
  • Do they care that our community really needs these resources?
  • Do we have to follow these silly guidelines about font, spacing, page numbers?
  • What does it all have to do with my community?
  • Do they have any idea how much time I put into writing this?

This webinar will reinforce for you that your hard work is taken seriously and that reviewers are ethical in the way they consider your proposals. You’ll learn how to write proposals that appeal to your reviewers and help you succeed in your grant seeking endeavors.

Session Highlights

  • How many proposals does a reviewer read? 
  • Do reviewers read the full proposal? 
  • How many reviewers read them? 
  • Do they take it as seriously as we do? 
  • What really matters when you write a narrative?
  • How is your proposal scored?
  • What to leave in and what to leave out!

Who Should Attend

  • Grant Professionals at all levels of their careers
  • Directors
  • Board Members
  • Chief Operating Officers
  • Grant Managers
  • Grant Consultants
  • Administrators
  • Financial Officers
  • GPC
  • Office Managers
  • Chief Executive Officers
  • CFRE
  • Director of Development
  • Grant Assistant
  • Non-Profit Agencies
  • Community Coalitions
  • Program Directors

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