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Ethical Standards and Code of Conduct for Grant Professionals
About Our Speaker(s)
Cyndi MacKenzie

Cyndi MacKenzie is a Grant Professional Certified who has twelve years’ experience in the non-profit field with over $15 million in grant awards in that time. Cyndi works out of her offices in Brooksville, Florida and Naples, Maine providing board development, strategic planning, and a full array of grant services to her clients. As a Grant Professional Association Approved Trainer, Cyndi has trained at national and regional conferences since 2011, including the GPA Conference in 2015 and 2016. Cyndi has been a reviewer for federal and state grants, as well as local proposals.

Ethical Standards and Code of Conduct for Grant Professionals (CDP461H)

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Pre-recorded Webinar
Cyndi MacKenzie
Conference Date
Thursday, April 28, 2016
Aired Time
1:00 pm ET | 12:00 pm CT | 11:00 am MT | 10:00 am PT
60 minutes
Event Description

Ethical Dilemmas in the Grant Profession and How to Make Informed Decisions

Ethics are part of every single aspect of the grant profession from identifying the right clients for you; researching, strategic planning, convening partners, writing and budgeting; fee structures, contracts and invoicing; and when building and sustaining a successful consulting business.

You don’t have to memorize the OMB Regulations but you have to know where to find the answers when advising clients and be aware of the new requirements that were effective in late 2014.  Relationships with your grant contract specialist are truly the key and ethics DO matter in relationships. In the end, our professional decision making is a reflection of who we are and the risk is our own reputation.  The cost can be your success or failure as a Grant Professional.

Join expert speaker Cyndi MacKenzie, GPC, in this session to review the national standards of the grant professional ethical code of conduct and its relevance to the field. You will learn about ethical dilemmas faced in the grant profession and how to make informed decisions based on the insights provided by the speaker.

Session Highlights:

  • Discuss some real life examples of ethical dilemmas faced by grant professionals
  • Is a bicycle an allowable expense for a grant?
  • Can a board member be paid as an Executive Director in the absence of staff?
  • What if your agency is not living the mission you’re promoting?
  • Do you really need a procurement policy?
  • Do you have to keep time cards for employees?
  • Why do ethics matter in grant writing?
  • Who is hurt if a grant professional is unethical?
  • Discuss how to address these and other ethical challenges you will face as a grant professional.

Session Benefits:

  • Help you make ethical decisions in your grant career.
  • Get introduced to the industry standard of the Grant Professional Association Code of Conduct which strengthens the field and assures clients that your profession takes ethics seriously.
  • Discuss the OMB Regulations and the need for organizations of all sizes to have written policies.

Who Should Attend

  • Grant Managers
  • Grant Consultants
  • Administrators
  • Financial Officers
  • Grant Professionals
  • GPC
  • Office Managers
  • Executive Officers
  • CFRE
  • Director of Development
  • Grant Assistant
  • Grant Writers
  • Non-Profit

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