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Cyndi MacKenzie

Cyndi MacKenzie, a Grant Professional Certified, has won over $24 million dollars in resources with her clients and has provided training at GPA National Conferences three years.  In her fourteen- years in this field, Cyndi provides a full range of grant professional services to non-profits of all sizes with board development, strategic planning, grant writing, grant management and post-award consultation.  As a Grant Professional Approved Trainer, a GPA Grant News contributing author, member of the Grant Professional Association, and the GPA Ethics Committee, Cyndi keeps up-to-date on the latest research and trends, as well as being dedicated to the highest ethical standards in the field.

Ethics in the Grant Profession in 2019—More Important Than Ever! (CDP119D)

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Product Format
Pre-recorded Webinar
Cyndi MacKenzie
60 minutes
Event Description

Enjoy the Benefits of Being Truly Ethical in the World of Grants

Your ethical standards define who you are, and help raise your program to a higher standard. But if you listen to the news, you will hear about dishonesty, fake news, and people cheating systems in every way they can. What ethical standards are you, as a grant professional, guided by? Do you keep abreast of the latest research so that you have the expertise to guide your clients? Do you know the rules for allowable expenditures to advise on budgetary matters according to the laws? If a client wants to hire you with grant funds you won for their organization, can you do it? These are some of the dilemmas faced by grant professionals daily. Knowing how to handle them can promote positive relationships between grant professionals and stakeholders, and also enhance your public image and recognition. 

Learn how to be truly ethical in the world of all things grants by attending this webinar by certified grant professional Cyndi MacKenzie. MacKenzie will walk you through the GPA Code of Ethics, and real scenarios from her 14-year career where ethics played a part of her decision-making process. She will discuss the numerous ethical dilemmas faced by grant professionals, and the ways to prevent such situations. She will explain the benefits of being ethical in this field, show you how to report unethical behavior, and share resources to equip you with the expertise necessary to be truly ethical.

Be sure to bring your own life experiences to this workshop—no situation will be off limits.

After attending this webinar, you will understand the Grant Professional Code of Ethics and its benefits. You will know how to uphold the highest ethical standards, report unethical behavior, and avoid getting into situations involving the types of ethical dilemmas grant professionals often face daily—thereby enhancing your public image and recognition. 

Session Highlights

You will learn:

  • About the numerous ethical dilemmas faced by grant professionals and the ways to prevent such situations
  • The Grant Professional Code of Ethics
  • The benefits of being ethical in this field
  • Ways to report unethical behavior in the grant profession

Who Should Attend

  • Grant professionals
  • Directors and board members
  • CEOs and COOs
  • Grant managers and consultants
  • Administrators
  • Financial officers
  • GPC
  • Office managers
  • CFREs
  • Grant assistants
  • Non-profit agencies
  • Community coalitions
  • Program directors

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