Affordable Care Act: What's Going to Happen with All That Discretionary Funding
About Our Speaker(s)
David Kittross

David Kittross has more than 30 years of writing about and reporting on federal and foundation grants, in areas ranging from community health to housing and community development to education. Dave was the founding and long-time editor of Federal Assistance and Foundation Monitor, a national newsletter which covered grant opportunities, regulatory changes and the latest congressional developments involving federal and private grant programs. Dave has also served as editor for Community Health Funding Report, Native American Report and Development Director's Letter.

Dave also has hands on experience in the area of grantwriting, having written federal, state and foundation grant proposals that have raised more than $4 million for a variety of public and private nonprofits. Dave has conducted numerous audio conferences on grant programs and opportunities, and has provided training to nonprofit personnel on how to look for and win funding for their program. Dave also has served on staff for a member of Congress and city council, plus provided information to local agencies on available grant opportunities as director of research for a private consulting firm.

Affordable Care Act: What's Going to Happen with All That Discretionary Funding (CDP261C)

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Pre-recorded Webinar
David Kittross
60 minutes
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Discretionary Funds under the Affordable Care Act

One of the key issues of the upcoming election is the fate of the Affordable Care Act. Much of the debate over Obamacare involves the creation of a health exchange market, but the law also authorized billions of dollars in discretionary grant opportunities that agencies such as the Centers for Disease Control and Health Resources and Services Administration have distributed over the last few years.

The good news is that are still upcoming grant opportunities for FY 2016, authorized under the ACA, that can help community health providers, hospitals and public health agencies improve health outcomes, and we'll help you find and prepare for them. But just as important, no matter what happens in November, there will be discretionary grant opportunities that are now authorized under the ACA that will likely continue, even if a new GOP president and Congress fulfill their pledge to end Obamacare.

Learn with expert speaker David Kittross what's likely to be still available, what priorities will be emphasized, and what you can expect in the way  discretionary grants will be reviewed and awarded, will give you a head start on preparing for health discretionary grants in 2016 and beyond, regardless of the fate of Obamacare.

Session Highlights:

  • We'll cover the remaining ACA discretionary grant opportunities in FY 2016.
  • When can you expect these RFPs - we'll provide tips on likely priorities, and how you can make your application stand out.
  • If the election produces a GOP Washington, what discretionary grants are likely to disappear, and which programs are likely to continue - or even expand. You'll learn what programs will likely replace the Prevention and Public Health Fund, the multi-million program authorized by the ACA that Republicans have continually attacked. 
  • You'll hear what to expect in the area of health funding if Democrats keep control of the White House
  • Discretionary health grants: No matter who wins, there are some areas of agreement between the two parties - what are some of the likely priorities that agencies will adopt to get the most "bang for their buck" with discretionary health funding.
  • Expect major changes in discretionary grantmaking, not just involving health but all areas: You get the scoop on how these trends will affect 2016 grants, as well as what you'll see in the future.


  • What to expect in the short-term: What health grant opportunities can be expected in the coming months.
  • How to prepare for a post-ACA era: What discretionary grants are likely to be available, and which may disappear, if the GOP captures the White House.
  • How to prepare for a new Democratic administration - will the discretionary health priorities be the same as they were under President Obama, or can you expect a shift in focus?
  • Whether a Democrat or Republican wins the White House, you can expect some areas where agreements on discretionary health funding is likely - we'll give you an advance look at where funding is likely in future years.
  • The administration has been trying to revise the way discretionary grants are awarded, and no matter who wins the election, there will be some new requirements and expectations for discretionary health grants. We'll provide information on how these new requirements are impacting 2016 grants, as well as how to get ready for new era of grantseeking.

Who should attend?

  • Community health clinics/centers.
  • Local and regional government agencies, including departments of public health or health, as well as agencies with mixed responsibilities - departments of family services, for example, or children or family services.
  • Local or regional health boards.
  • Drug abuse/behavioral health agencies or departments.
  • Hospitals; perhaps university medical centers (the later might be more of a reach).
  • State agencies of health.

Following professionals will be benefitted from this webinar:

  • Grants manager
  • Development director/director of development
  • Grants assistant
  • Fundraising assistant
  • Fundraising director

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