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Funding Opportunities in Bullying Prevention Programs
About Our Speaker(s)
Frank Klimko

Frank Klimko edits Children & Youth Funding Report, a Washington DC area-based publication which covers Congress, the Education Dept. and the various federal regulatory agencies.  It is a national publication that is updated daily on the web site. He also edits Private Grants Alert, which covers the world of private philanthropy. Klimko is a veteran journalist with more than 30 years experience covering federal, state and local government. In California, he worked on a Pulitzer-prize nominated newspaper investigative project. He is an expert on the federal Freedom of Information Act.

A nationally known speech writer/speaker, Klimko co-produces monthly audio-conferences that provide an insiders view to federal regulations, new billion-dollar spending projects and grant making priorities. The audio conferences have helped hundreds of listeners better position themselves for funding, burnish their applications and get a firmer grip on the federal/private money tree.

Funding Opportunities in Bullying Prevention Programs (CDP250B)

Event Information
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Pre-recorded Webinar
Frank Klimko
Conference Date
Wednesday, August 24, 2016
Aired Time
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60 minutes
Event Description

Learn about Bullying Prevention Programs, Community Wide Efforts, Federal and Private Funding Opportunities, and How You Can Get Involved.

Despite being at the forefront of media attention, bullying is still a widespread occurrence. Numerous resources have been allocated to lessen the occurrences of bullying but to very little effect. The media uncovers horrifying bullying occurrences every week, such as the one involving the football team at Sayreville War Memorial High School in New Jersey. While many instances of bullying are discovered and rectified, many go unreported.

This 60-minute webinar by Frank Klimko offers insight on the federal and private funders who are the backbone of the effort to reduce instances of bullying through the funding of quality programs. This audio will give an insight into the techniques and resources needed to make an impact on the situation. Almost all federal agencies are involved in bullying prevention programs and many private establishments are focusing on bullying prevention.

This webinar will facilitate listeners’ involvement in the initiative by providing insights on leaders and funding opportunities, including updates on upcoming programs and exciting outside-the-box opportunities and influential reports that are shaping the initiative. To ensure your involvement, register for this hands-on audio conference.

Training Objective

  • New Upcoming Funding Opportunities
  • Exciting, Outside-the-Box Opportunities
  • Information on Replicable Federal and Foundation Funding Programs
  • Ways to Follow the Funding Trails
  • Corresponding Funding Trends to Follow
  • Whom to Network and rub shoulders with
  • Tips on Forming Crucial Partnerships
  • How to Get Involved at the Foundation and Federal Levels

This audio session will help you understand:

  • Latest Updates on Bullying Prevention Programs at Federal, State, Local Levels
  • Factors behind the Growth of the Movement
  • Federal, Foundation and Private Funding Sources for Bullying Prevention
  • Community-Wide Bullying Prevention and Funding Efforts
  • Latest Research and Reports on Important Principles
  • Funding Opportunities that provide High Dollar Awards

Who should attend

From the novice to the experience grants writer in these groups:

  • Affinity Groups
  • Branding Specialists
  • Bullying Prevention Officers
  • Child Health Services Departments
  • Fund Development Officers
  • Advocacy Strategists
  • Community Action Agencies
  • Community and Neighborhood Associations
  • Community Foundations
  • Education Departments
  • Educators
  • For-Profits
  • PACE Coordinators
  • Foundations
  • Grant Writers
  • Community Support Directors
  • Juvenile Correctional Associations
  • Law Enforcement
  • Grant Specialist
  • Outdoor Recreation Centers-Playgrounds
  • Pediatricians
  • Philanthropic Organizations
  • Police
  • Private Funding Match Providers
  • Grant Development Officers
  • Regional Foundations
  • School Districts
  • School Funding Officers
  • School Resource Officers
  • TANF Agencies
  • Teachers
  • Youth Centers
  • Youth Market Specialists

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