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Bo Mitchell

Bo Mitchell, President/Founder 911 Consulting, CEM, CPP, CBCP, CHCM, CHSP, CHEP, CHS-V, CSSM, CSHM, CFC, CIPS, CSC, CAS, TFCT3, CERT, CMC was Police Commissioner of Wilton, CT for 16 years. He retired in February 2001 to found 911 Consulting which creates emergency plans, training and exercises for organizations like GE HQ, MasterCard HQ, Hyatt HQ, Goodrich, plus 25 secondary schools and four colleges/universities. He serves clients headquartered from Boston to LA working in their facilities from New York to San Francisco. Bo has earned 16 certifications in homeland security, organizational safety and security. He also serves as an expert in landmark court cases nationally.

 Bo is a Certified Emergency Manager, Certified in Homeland Security and a Certified Business Continuity Professional.

Active Shooters & Workplace Violence: How Do You & Your Employees Respond? (CDP674W)

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Pre-recorded Webinar
Bo Mitchell
60 minutes
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What would you do if there was an active shooter in your workplace? Learn how to profile likely perpetrators and plan for emergency.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has always stressed on 'whole community' based preparedness against active shooters, workplace violence and incident response through a series of training, products and resources. Most shooters don't have any patterns of selecting their victims and these conditions are unpredictable and evolve quickly.

The number of Active Shooter incidents had quadrupled since 26 died at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, CT. Thirty percent of Active Shooter incidents occur at campuses; 70% occur at businesses like yours. Almost all Active Shooter incidents are over in less than eight minutes. (FBI and NYPD analyses).

This session on Active Shooters & Workplace Violence: How Do You & Your Employees Respond?, by expert speaker Bo Mitchell, CEM, CPP, CBCP, CHCM, CHSP, CHEP, CHS-V, CSSM, CSHM, CFC, CIPS, CSC, CAS, TFCT3, CERT, CMC will give you insights on how you and your employees should plan, train and exercise for this growing and foreseeable emergency. Bo will profile the likely perpetrator, likely motives and then explain how you should plan and train your employees to stay safe. With the help of this conference, you will be able to keep your personnel safe from workplace violence, especially Active Shooters.

Get answers to:

  • How will your employees react?
  • Do they know to recognize workplace violence in all its forms?
  • How do they report this to you?
  • How do they protect themselves when an incident starts?
  • How should you plan against a violent incident at your workplace?
  • What are the legal and compliance issues in your workplace?

What you will learn in our 60 minute Webinar:

  • Practical Steps to Prevent Violence in your Workplace
  • Identifying the Tell-Tale Signs of Violence in the Workplace
  • Get an Understanding of the Factors and Psychology Behind Workplace Violence
  • Identify the Resources You Have in your Workplace to Avoid Violence
  • How to Create an Emergency Plan to Deal with Workplace Violence, Especially Active Shooters

Who Should Attend:

  • Managers, Supervisors
  • Law enforcement officers, Top Management, HR Directors and Human Resource employee
  • Emergency Prep Coordinators and Safety & diversity management professionals
  • Threat Assessment Teams
  • Anyone involved in the development or implementation of a workplace violence prevention policy
  • Anyone who is interested in learning how to identify, prevent, defuse or resolve violence in the workplace.

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