U.S. Cities Grapple With Growing Number of Homeless Camps

Despite congressional appropriations -- $2 billion for FY 2017 issued by HUD this month to combat homelessness -- the nation is merely running in place trying to provide housing or, for that matter, any type of shelter as the ever-increasing cost of housing swells the number of homeless families. Homeless tent encampments dot nearly every major city in the country and have become the bane of local governments -- this generation’s Hoovervilles, camps named after former President Herbert Hoover who bore responsibility for the 1929 stock market crash and resulting Great Depression. New York City, with a population of 8.55 million, has the highest levels of homeless since the Great Depression with 63,169 homeless people as of November 2017, including 15,712 families with 23,694 homeless children. The city’s extensive s [...]

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1/19/18 6:44 PM

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