‘Trumpcare’ Would Seriously Harm Seniors, U.S. Newspapers Say

Newspapers’ editorial boards all across the country are criticizing the Republican-backed proposed American Health Care Act for its extremely negative impact on the nation’s health care system, highlighting the deleterious consequences for Medicaid, the elderly, and vulnerable populations. For example, the editorial board of Florida’s Herald-Tribune denounced the GOP health care plan, noting “it appears that the plan will be better for the deficit and for the well-to-do, but far worse for the millions of Americans who lack private insurance options.” The editorial emphasized that “the number of uninsured would rise by 24 million by 2026” and the AHCA would “also sharply increase insurance costs for baby boomers.” The editorial board summarized the GOP’s plan as one where “the government saves money, the well-to-do get a tax break, and millions of Americans who lack health coverage -- because they're poor, or lack coverage from an employer, or are stuck between the loss of a job and eligibility for Medicare -- must go without.”   The St. Louis Post-Dispatch editorial board mocked the debate over the AHCA’s name, arguing that you can “call it the American Health Care Act. Call it Republicare. … Call it Trumpcare. … Just don’t call the health care plan unveiled by House Republican leaders Monday night an improvem [...]

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3/17/17 5:33 PM

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