Trump Names School Choice, Voucher Advocate to Run DoEd

President-elect Trump selects Betsy DeVos, a school choice advocate, education voucher supporter and Republican mega-donor, to head the Education Dept. The selection is subject to Senate confirmation. DeVos is best known as the chairwoman of the American Federation for Children, a conservative-oriented advocacy and research organization that champions school vouchers and tax-credit scholarships. DoEd doesn't play a particularly large role when it comes to actually funding and providing oversight for school choice. Thus, it remains unclear to what degree DeVos and Trump would be able to change that. On Common Core Standards, Trump has called the standards a "disaster" and said he would like to get rid of them—even though the Every Student Succeeds Act bars the federal government from telling states which standards they can or cannot use. The standards are adopted on the state level; the ESSA language w [...]

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12/9/16 05:59 AM

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Reprinted from Children and Youth Funding Report - Try a sample