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FEB 17, 2023

The Midway – CA, San Francisco, CA

Concert Tickets tour 2022-2023

    Biography & Tour

    Yotto is a progressive house DJ and producer from Finland who has been making waves in the electronic music scene since 2014. His unique sound and style have earned him a devoted following, and he has released numerous singles and EPs on some of the world’s top dance music labels. In addition to his work as a solo artist, Yotto is also a member of the supergroup Anjunadeep.

    Yotto's music is best known for its evoke qualities and melody. His tracks typically start slow, gradually gaining the attention of listeners until it releases a powerful drop. This tactic has led to comparisons between him and fellow Finnish producer Darude.

    Yotto is a popular figure in the electronic music world, playing at some of the biggest clubs and festivals around the globe. He has also released several acclaimed mixes, including his 2016 mix for BBC Radio 1’s Essential Mix series. In 2018, Yotto was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording for his track “The Only One.”

    Yotto produces some of the most melodic and emotionally invoke electronic music today. He is constantly innovating his work, and he is sure to have a prosperous future ahead.

    Yotto's music is often wistful or sad, and he has said that his favorite key to play in is minor. Daft Punk, Robert Miles, and Eric Prydz are some of his musical influences.


    Studio albums

    • Hyperfall (2018)
    • Nuclear Fusion Remixes (2019)
    • Hyperlude (2019)

    Singles and EPs

    • “Mulholland 99” (2016)
    • “The Owls” (2017)
    • “Chemicals” (2017)
    • “North” (2017)
    • “Kantsu” (2018)
    • “Radiate” (2019)


    I love listening to Yotto's music. It always makes me feel nostalgic and melancholy, but in a good way. It's the perfect soundtrack for a rainy day.

    If you appreciate electronic music that stirs emotion and has a beautiful melody, Yotto is the perfect artist for you. Their work will not disappoint.

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