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Email: [email protected] or contact us here.

Frequently Asked Questions

For any other questions, such as the status of your subscription, contact us here. For faster service when you have a question, please refer to your account number, which is located above your mailing address label on all issue envelopes, renewal notices and invoices.

Can I set whether I get daily or weekly emails for my subscription?
Yes you can. Just login and go to your account page. Each service you have subscribed to is listed. Beside each is a link to set the email delivery period for that service.
Where is my account number? Where can I find it?
Your reference number is found on your address label above your name. It's also displayed on the member page for online newsletter subscribers.
I need to submit form W-9.
You can download a W-9 form here. (PDF Format Acrobat Reader Required)
I made a purchase from your online store. Why doesn't my password work to access the online publication?
When you make a purchase in our online store you establish a password so that you can check your purchase status, get copies of your invoices, and simplify future purchases. However, that is NOT the same as the password for online newsletters. You should receive that in 1-2 business days in a separate email.
How can I start a new subscription?
Subscribe to any of our publications by contacting us here. Or, you can use our convenient online store. Your satisfaction is assured with our full 90-day money back guarantee and a full refund for all unmailed issues thereafter, upon request.
How can I renew my subscription?
Renew your subscription early to avoid interruption in service. Money saving two year renewals are available for your convenience. For fastest service, click here to renew online, or you can contact us here.
What if I need to change my address or phone number?
Just go to the account page. Once there, click on the "Update your contact information" link. Fill out and submit the form to insure correct contact information.
Can I order back issues?
Back issues are available for a prepaid fee.
Contact us for more information.
How can I obtain a multi-user license?
Multi-user licenses enable subscribers to reproduce copies of our newsletters for internal distribution only, at a substantial discount. See multi-user page for more information.
Can I obtain reprints of past articles?
If you’d like to reprint an article from one of our newsletters, please contact the Copyright Clearance Center at www.copyright.com or call 855-237-1396.
Is there a discount for multiple subscriptions?
A discount is available for multiple copies sent to the same address. See multi-user page for more information.
I forgot the password for my online publication!
Just go to www.cdpublications.com/forgotpassword, and enter your email address. Your password will be reset, and emailed to you. PLEASE NOTE: Your email address must match the one in our records.
Can I pay by purchase order?
Yes. Newsletter subscriptions can be purchased by purchase order in our online store. For information on other products, contact our subscriber services department here.
What is your Federal ID Number?
Our Federal Id# is 26-2290875. It is under the name of Community Development Services Inc. We do business as CD Publications.
How can I get free samples for a conference or workshop?
We’re always happy to provide free samples. Just contact us or call 855-237-1396.
Can I change my password/username?
While you cannot change your username, you can change your password. Just go to the My Account page. There you will find links to change your password. You must be logged in to access the pages.
I can't make the event at the scheduled time. Can I transfer my event to a colleague or friend, or view the event at a later time?
If for any reason you are unable to attend the session at the scheduled time. You may transfer your event by sending an email to us at [email protected]. Remember to provide the participant's name and contact details, so we can get in-touch with them.
All our events are recorded and made available online. If you'd like to view the missed event, we send out an email to all registrants 1-2 business days after the event with a link to the pre-recorded session.

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