Special Value Pack - Children and Youth Funding

Special Value Pack - Children and Youth Funding

On demand Audio conference: The Childhood Nutrition Programs Get a Leg Up - Funding Abounds!

During this 60-minute information packed event, our expert presenter will guide you through the maze of funding-related issues critically important to Childhood nutrition programs. Among the questions we'll answer ...

  • New Funding Opportunities that are anticipated
  • Outside-the-Box Opportunities
  • Insights on Federal and Foundation Funding Programs that can be replicated
  • Ways to Follow the Funding Trails
  • Other Coinciding Funding Trends that should be followed
  • Insights into networking - Who to Talk to and Meet with
  • Tips on Forming Crucial Partnerships
  • Proven ways for involvement at foundation and federal levels

A 12-Month subscription to Children & Youth Funding report Online

Children & Youth Funding Report is the first choice for non-profits nationwide for coverage on public and private funding for high-risk, low income and underserved youth and children.You'll find CYF filled with detailed coverage of federal, foundation, and private grant opportunities for programs in such vital areas as public assistance, child welfare, youth crime, juvenile justice, education, mental health, substance abuse, job training, disability services, health care, and other children, youth, and family related areas. Plus, you'll find valuable advice from public and private officials on how to prepare winning proposals and case studies of successful fundraising activities, ranging from special events to direct mail campaigns.

Directory of grants Focusing on Federal & Private K-12 Education Grants e-book:

From the editors of Children & Youth Funding Report and Private Grants Alert, attempts to give you a head start on grant funding so that you are ahead of the race even before it begins.This handbook will save you untold hours of toil and grief that usually goes in preparation for grant writing, and also help you identify the funders most likely to support your organization.

What’s inside?

  • Federal Funding Opportunities across several categories
  • Private K-12 Education Grants across several categories
  • Funding Tips and Strategies from the Experts