Some Agencies Faster Than Others In Restarting Grantmaking

Federal agencies impacted by the government shutdown are moving at their own pace in releasing FY 2019 solicitations since the federal government reopened on Jan. 24 through two continuing resolutions (HJ Res 28 and HJ Res 31). The measures keep the government operational through Feb. 15 while a bipartisan team works on a border security proposal. HJ Res 28 extends appropriations for many agencies important to our subscribers including the Agriculture, Commerce, Justice, and Housing and Urban Development Departments. It also extends funding for the Environmental Protection Agency, Institute for Museum and Library Services and National Endowment for the Humanities. HJ Res 31 provides appropriations for Homeland Security Department, which also provides grant initiatives for our subscribers like … ·      The Fire Prevention and Safety Grant Program (CFDA Number: 97.044), which supports projects enhancing the safety of the public and firefighters from fire and related hazards. Grant programs at the Health and Human Services, Labor and Education Departments weren’t impacted by the government shutdown. The funding for these agencies was finalized prior to the start of the fiscal year through PL 115-245. Some federal agencies are moving quickly to release solicitation. In fac [...]

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2/8/19 6 PM

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