Rental Landlords Now On HUD’s Section 8 Radar

A decision to deflect criticism that it is backpedaling on Obama administration initiatives to bolster Fair Housing Act enforcement has HUD moving on several fronts with rental landlords about to bear the main brunt of the new offensive. Long criticized for lack of a legal mechanism to recognize government subsidies -- in this case, Section 8 housing vouchers -- as a legitimate source of income, HUD decides to apply political pressure on landlords to recognize vouchers when reviewing applications for tenancy. HUD Secretary Ben Carson, who has come under blistering criticism from civil rights and housing activists over his moves to weaken fair housing enforcement, is using two new studies as a backdrop for his initial effort to persuade reluctant landlords to accept vouchers. The studies --Pilot Study of Landlord Acceptance in the [...]

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8/24/18 5:30 PM

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