Rent Rate Hike Idea Begins To Fizzle

It’s increasingly likely the public housing “rent hike” proposal unveiled by HUD Secretary Ben Carson last week was at least, in part, a conveniently timed political stunt to deflect criticism of Carson over his recent executive blunders.  At the same time, Carson’s handlers are astute enough to know you don’t herald a new policy initiative volatile enough to make a dent in the November mid-term elections unless there is a sufficient benefit to the Trump administration such as taking heat away from the multitude of disruptions plaguing the Trump White House. Media coverage of the proposal, and the resulting pushback, focused on the rent hike concept without delving into what the proposed Making Affordable Housing Work Act of 2018 really projects and what are the prospects of congressional approval any time soon. First things first. The rising crescendo of criticism from across the country ensures Carson [...]

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5/4/18 5:56 PM

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