Political Sparring Sinks HUD Review

Aside from Housing Financial Services Chairman Jeb Hensarling’s (R-TX) opening depiction of HUD as dysfunctional and HUD Secretary Ben Carson’s prepared statement, little of substance emerged from Carson’s debut appearance before the panel except for intense political friction. Even Carson’s testimony was largely hyperbole and devoid of substance, adding to the body of conjecture that he was awarded the Cabinet post as a political reward. Carson’s opening statement, prepared by his public relations crew, shed little light on how the Trump administration wants HUD to perform. Instead, the political bromide is certain to gather dust. A sampling of the text’s lack of any details on administrative and policy goals for the department is Carson’s description of his strategy to change housing policy, dubbed the “FORWARD” initiative. Carson descr [...]

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10/20/17 5:31 PM

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