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Education Partners Offer Emergency Library Funding

Private Funders: Dollar General Literacy Foundation, the Nat'l Education Assn. and the American Library Assn.; Opportunity: Beyond Words: The Dollar General School Library Relief Fund; Funding Focus: Education, literacy and disaster relief; Geographic Focus: Regional (where the company has opera...

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Grants Support the Youth Performing Arts

Private Funder: VSA/Kennedy Center; Opportunity: 2016 Discovery Awards; Funding Focus: Education, arts and theater; Geographic Focus: National; Eligibility: Students, grades 6-12, teachers; Funding: $500 awards; Deadline: (TBA) the 2016 competition will open in November; last year's deadline wa...

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'Fruits and Veggies’ Money Available to Schools, Students

Private Funders: Nat'l Gardening Assn. (NGA)/ and Jamba Juice; Opportunity: It's All About the Fruit and Veggies; Funding Focus: Children, education, nutrition awareness; Geographic Focus: National (schools must be located within a 50-mile radius of a Jamba Juice store); Eligibi...

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Business Federation Likes Entrepreneurs, Innovation

Private Funder: Nat'l Federation of Independent Business (NFIB); Opportunity: 2015 Young Entrepreneur Awards; Funding Focus: Youth, business development; Geographic Focus: National; Eligibility: Schools and youth; Funding: Multiple awards (up to 100) ranging to $10,000 each; Deadline (tentative...

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