Older Americans Will Be Hurt Most by ACA Repeal Effort

The Congressional Budget Office may not have come out yet with any scoring on the Affordable Care Act repeal bill, but AARP Public Policy Institute has crunched some numbers. Between the proposed age-rating change and a flat tax credit, it doesn’t look good for people ages 50-64. Ironically, polling data show older Americans -- the very people who will be most hurt by the GOP-backed ACA repeal effort -- overwhelmingly supported the Trump 2016 presidential ticket as well as the election or re-election of Republican members of Congress. GOP proposals to replace the ACA’s tax credits with a new “flat” tax credit, even when adjusted by age, raise significant concerns for older adults. The tax credit plan included in the proposed American Health Care Act (AHCA) of 2017 would provide substantially less assistance for lower- and moderate-income older adults by as much as $5,900 for an individual.   To illustrate the impact of the proposals, AARP Public Policy Institute (PPI) calculated the difference in tax credits that older adults would receive under both the AHCA and HR 2300. PPI compared the average tax credit an individual would receive in 2017 for a silver plan to the tax cred [...]

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3/10/17 6:11 PM

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