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Native American Report brings you the latest news from Congress, the courts and federal agencies as well as updates from around the country on developments that could affect your tribal interests. Our Washington DC reporting staff is credentialed by Congress to cover events others often can't, so you gain the benefit of our exclusive insights, comprehensive coverage, and unbiased reporting on unfolding issues. Plus, you'll benefit from our thorough coverage in our other areas such as health, education and social services and programs affecting seniors, youth, children, and families.

You'll find detailed coverage and updates in such areas as:

  • Bureau of Indian Affairs
  • Federal/state/tribal taxation
  • HUD, BIA and EPA regulations
  • Trends in Native American law
  • The impact of new legal rulings
  • Sovereignty/Jurisdiction
  • Tribal/state gaming disputes

You'll also find out what's being done not only in Washington but around the country with local efforts to improve access to health, health promotion and disease management; increase educational performance and opportunities at all levels; to address employment and job training difficulties; and many more endeavours related to the development of the Native American tribes and peoples.

Recent News:

Slots on Indian Arts Board Filled

President Obama, in what is likely one of the last personnel actions he’ll take as president, appointed new members to the Board of Trustees of the Institute of American Indian and Alaska Native Culture and Arts Development.

12/27/16 08:43 AM full story

In other news: