Multi-user Access


Let Your Entire Staff Benefit From Our News Services with Low-Cost Multi-User Access

Many of you like to share our news services with other staff members, and while copyright law restricts unauthorized reproduction, forwarding, or access, we want to make it feasible for your staff to read our newsletters on a timely basis, without excessive expense.

As such, we offer multi-user subscription options that are much more affordable than those offered by most other publishers…because we feel it's important that your full staff be kept well-informed of the latest developments.

Our site licenses are on a per user basis, with substantial savings off regular subscription rates, depending on the number of users. The more readers the lower the cost per user. IP-based access is also available.

Consider the benefits of a site license for multiple users:

  • Avoid the potential headaches of inadvertent staff copyright violations.
  • Avoid the need to clip or pass on specific articles
  • Ensure all staff are informed on key developments in a timely manner.
  • Avoid the inconvenience of "lost" hard copies.
  • Ensure the likelihood that someone on your staff learns about short-deadline grants or new legislation…even if your primary subscriber is out of the office.

Our multi-user access is easy. We tell you when you are up for renewal and additional users can be added at any time. Or start your multi-user access at any time, and we'll adjust the cost to the term of your subscription.

Not sure how many might be interested in reading the newsletter you subscribe to? Ask about our free site license trial program.

For more details, please call our subscriber services department at 855-237-1396.