Medicaid Block Grant, ACA Repeal Would Have Cut Child Welfare

Efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act and radically restructure federal Medicaid funding would shift costs to states, increase the number of those uninsured and reduce access to healthcare and wellness programs for children, experts said. Congress is now working to repeal the ACA and impose both block grants and per capita caps to limit federal contributions to Medicaid, according to a report from the Center for Law and Social Policy and Georgetown University. Those efforts have stalled with the House pulling the measure from a vote at the last minute. Congressional Republican leaders are now considering ways to recast the bill and bring it back for a vote. If passed, both the ACA repeal and efforts to restructure Medicaid could harm young children in many ways under the old bill, the report said. For example: ·    Lost Coverage. Many parents and children would lose health care coverage. ACA repeal would have meant that the number of uninsured parents and children would more than double by 2019, based on loss of Medicaid expansions, marketplace coverage, and confusion over who does and doesn't have access to co [...]

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4/7/17 5:54 PM

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Reprinted from Children and Youth Funding Report - Try a sample