Lawmakers Still Searching for Common Ground on Tax Reform

With approximately five weeks left until the August recess, Congress continues trying to iron out differences on a number of legislative priorities -- including tax reform. More recently, the right-wing House Freedom Caucus has weighed in on the tax reform discussion, laying out its own set of ideas for how Congress should tackle overhauling the tax code. At a June 9 event hosted by the conservative Heritage Foundation, Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows (R-NC) said the group was considering several items, including lowering the corporate and small business tax rate to 20 percent and doubling the standard income deduction for individuals. Meadows also said that a border adjustability tax (BAT) would not be part of the Caucus’ forthcoming plan. However, [...]

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6/16/17 6:39 PM

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Reprinted from Community Development Digest - Try a sample