Is the HUD Spending Reprieve Just an Illusion?

While HUD programs will be sufficiently financed through September under the Omnibus FY 2017 spending law, the future of those programs become hazy as FY 2018 approaches. The Trump administration, which conceded spending billions extra on domestic programs -- including $513 million extra for HUD, in exchange for a hike in defense spending, is digging it to fight for deep cuts in FY 2018.  Whether the administration’s bluster is authentic -- President Donald Trump laid down a marker by inviting Democrats to call his bluff on a government shutdown -- or merely a smokescreen remains to be seen. But HUD program administrators and the thousands of public housing authorities and private housing contractors aren’t taking the issue lightly.  Congress now faces the prospect of enacting a new national debt ceiling before the advent of the new spen [...]

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5/12/17 5:40 PM

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