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Winning Strategies and Techniques for Finding Your Best Foundation Funders Winning Funding for Native American Programs in Uncertain Times

Winning Funding for Native American Programs in Uncertain Times

Join us 10/24/2013, from 2 p.m. to 3:15 p.m., when CD Publications presents “Winning Funding for Native American Programs in Uncertain Times,” a special, exclusive audio conference focusing on what this year's Congressional budget impasse will mean to programs serving Native Americans.

new Winning Strategies and Techniques for Finding Your Best Foundation Funders

Join us for a 4-week, online, instructor-guided course starting 10/21/13, on the keys to success in effective and efficient foundation prospect research.

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CD Publications’ products are vital - CD Publications’ products and services are a vital part of my toolkit, and it is reflected in my ability to generate grant awards.
Theresa E. Barrett CEO, DABS, LLC Baltimore, MD

Federal and Foundation Assistance MonitorAssistance - What I like seeing in Federal and Foundation Assistance Monitor are reflections of conversations that your team has had with agency contacts, particularly as they pertain to funding forecasts. When I talk about your organization amongst my colleagues, the differentiating factor between your services and others is that you don't stop at combing through online resources, but actually have "boots on the ground" at public sessions to get the most up-to-date information.
Chad Ross, Managing Content Director, Hanover Research, Charlottesville, VA

The Fundamentals of Foundation Grant Writing - online course - Glenda O’Neal exemplified her dedication, commitment, and professional abilities in the field of grant writing. I had the pleasure of being student in the just completed class on proposal writing. Glenda to me was more mentor than teacher. Her insights were invaluable. She was quick to note by example my two greatest weaknesses: passive voice and too many prepositions. Several things impressed me: Glenda was always available by either email, phone, or mobile; she was very patient with all her students as I am one to procrastinate; and her class had a wide range of students in terms of location, experience, and present job situation. Glenda was able to give individualized instruction and not the “one-size fits all” teaching method. On a very personal note, towards the end of the class I was in need of major surgery and after nearly two months I am only now back to work part-time. Glenda displayed total understanding of my situation. If the opportunity arose to take another class from Glenda, I would certainly do so. Many thanks for all your help.
Robin Wenger, Grants Administrator, City of Elkhart, Indiana

The Fundamentals of Foundation Grant Writing - I've been successful writing grants for almost 15 years. During that time, I've seen many changes. This class has given me the opportunity to open new doors for our agency and help understand the foundation world. The instructor, Glenda O'Neal is excellent! Even with years of experience, I have learned so much from her. I would highly recommend this course to not only new but experienced grant writers.
Beverly Stokes - the Family Place, Leon, Iowa

Federal and Foundation Assistance Monitor - FAM is very helpful -- I find out what's going on nationally, including patterns and trends I did not know about...Makes you think in contemporary and realistic ways about how and where you can expand your funding sources and opportunities.
Mike Riccardi, Grantwriter, Neighborhood Hsng Serv, New Britain, CT

Children and Youth Funding Report - I write and research grants for the Fort Bend County Juvenile Probation Department and Fort Bend Partnership for Youth, a nonprofit agency in partnership with the probation department. We've found Children and Youth Funding Report a very good resource for our agency. It's inclusive--covering federal, private, and regional grants and information is laid out in a way that makes it easy to follow.
Mary Gready, Grants Manager, Ft Bend Partnership, Ft Bend TX.

Native American Report - "I always find the funding opportunities listed in Native American Report very helpful. In fact, I'm working on several right now that I found in the Report." Thank you.
James Hardin - Executive Director, Lumbee Regional Development Assn.

Community Health Funding Report - Community Health Funding Report editor Dave Kittross really rocks! He sent me a 4-page rundown on funding possibilities that I consider my Bible and took the time to walk me through the website. All in all, I'm quite pleased with my investment in the service.
Tess Scannell -- Director of Development, Penobscot Community Health Care -- Bangor, Maine

Praise for Private Grants Alert - I find your Private Grants Alert service very helpful and plan to renew. What I like is that there is always something we can look for in the publication and we have found many new things to apply for. We use the PGA website as well and like it very much. I also appreciate the information provided on each foundation, such as what is required, as it saves me a lot of time. Please feel free to use my name as a testimonial for other readers!
Lynne Bradley-Hiltz, Dir. Grants and Funding - Thompson Child and Family Services

Aging News Alert - As director of Reach Service Exchange Network, a nonprofit program serving elders and people with disabilities, I've found Aging News Alert to be of great value. I can't think of a better source for the kind of diverse information and resources it brings to my attention. It's our source for news about emerging policies and programs, funding sources, legal issues, examples of other organizations' activities, and scientific developments. Aging News Alert is our "radar," alerting us to what's coming over the horizon. I always come away from reading with a lot of great ideas for how to make our organization more effective and sustainable.
Daniel Hecht, Program Director, Reach Service Exchange Network

Fed/Foundation Assistance Monitor & Children/Youth Funding Rpt - I have a lot of respect for what CD Publications does and you have been an excellent resource to our agency in keeping abreast of funding opportunities. Thanks again for reaching out.
Christina Camardella, Cardinal McCloskey Services, Valhalla, New York

Orphanage - We have just begun to search for funding for an orphanage in Malawi, Africa. We sent your team a brief description of what we intend to do there to improve their quality of life and bring in better education. With-in one week we have had several replys from Malawi foundations that have suggested that we are matches and asked us to send in full proposals. THANK YOU CD TEAM!
Paula Nichols, Monahans, TX

Selling to Seniors - What makes Selling to Seniors particularly valuable is the wide scope of its coverage and the fact that this coverage is seen through the eyes of a marketer--every issues includes some gems you weren't even thinking about. Anyone in the 50+ marketing space who doesn't have Selling to Seniors on his/'her regular reading list is making a huge professional mistake."
Kurt Medina, Medina and Associates, Rose Valley, PA

Federal & Foundation Assistance Monitor - Federal & Foundation Assistance Monitor is a great publication. and the only one I recommend to my clients for federal grants information."
Glenda O`Neal, Grants Consultant/Instructor, Maineville, OH

Federal & Foundation Assistance Monitor - Federal & Foundation Assistance Monitor is a great resource. I have enjoyed using it on and off for years. You guys do a great job. I estimate over the years FAM has helped me secure over $5 million in grant funding.
Doug Wilson, Grantwriter, Bloomington, IN

Children & Youth Funding Report - Bill Jackson in your office told me about a CVS Caremark grant for health-related services we had not known about. We applied--and won! Thanks to CD Publications we can now provide healthcare assistance to more children and plan to renew our subscription to Children & Youth Funding Report for another year.
Sandra Webster, Grants Manager, Phazz 1 Ministries Winchester, VA

Private Grants Alert - We got a fantastic grant from the Tony Cox Foundation that I found in Private Grants Alert. Ultimately we got over $340,000 in FREE PSA advertising. The grant itself was only $3,000. Quite a return on investment."
Marsha Wilson, Dir of Grants Management, St. Vincent's House Galveston, TX

Grant Professionals Association - I am very pleased to let you know the Board [of the Grant Professionals Association] has endorsed all of your publications. I am personally thrilled about this. I love your products."
Gail Vertz, CEO, Kansas City, KS

Did not know where to start - I was asked to write a grant. I had no experience and did not know where to start. During research I found (CD Publications) Aging News Alert and Private Grants Alert. Not only did I learn to write quality grant applications, but I was able to research only those foundations that would be interested in our specific needs. These publications have paid for themselves time and time again.
Theresa Davis - Executive Director, Madison County Office for the Aging

Community Development Digest - As many of you know, I have always recommended two things above all else when it comes to Community Development information and training. Those are the Community Development Digest and membership in the National Community Development Association either as a Region VI or national member. I have just taken advantage of a reduced rate offered by the Community Development Digest publisher and encourage you to do as well. With the cuts we have just sustained in our programs, it is great that the publisher has recognized our financial situation to work with the smaller entitlements to still have access to this publication
Matt Jennings, City of Fort Smith

Federal & Foundation Assistance Monitor - One of the many advantages of Federal & Foundation Assistance Monitor is that I tell my clients it allows them to see the broader scope of the grants marketplace through its excellent reporting. Many grantseekers are myopic--they look only for grants that are specifically related to their fields. Since grantors are now looking at consortium projects that can involve diverse and non-traditional partners, the Monitor triggers grant seekers to think outside of the box.
David Bauer, David G. Bauer Associates Nevada, USA

I have been extremly impressed by the customer service - This is in addition to being pleasantly surprised by the wealth of information found in each week's CHF newsletter. I do not regret subscribing one bit and certainly plan to renew!
Rebecca Henning, Grantwriter, College of Southern Idaho

Children and Youth Funding Report - We love it. It's helped us find things we otherwise wouldn't have found. We're finding new grants to pursue, and are even happier to learn we could contact you live for more assistance at no charge.
Kimber D, Texas, USA