HUD’s Embrace Of RAD Begins To Crumble

HUD officials are rushing frantically to get as much of the Rental Assistance Demonstration program into place as possible before lawmakers fully understand the program’s potential pitfalls. That frenzy has been made clear in an email obtained by CD Publications that illustrates the strong-arm tactics HUD’s Office of Public & Indian Housing is applying on public housing authorities to get them in line with the program following a growing reluctance to embrace the scheme. It is reinforced by a letter from the PIH office the same day to all PHA executive directors telling them of HUD’s intent to dramatically reduce public housing stock primarily through the RAD program because Congress has failed for several years to adequately fund maintenance needs. As we described earlier, the Trump administration embraced RAD when rank and file HUD officials presented a glowing report to the newcomers in a department where the top leadership has been stunted through Senate delays in confirming key appointments. Nominee Logjam One of those appointments -- the nominee to head the Office of Public & Indian Housing -- remains in congressional limbo, stalled by objections from Democrats. President Trump nominated Hunter Kurtz Sept. 19, 2017, and he appeared before the Senate Banking Committee Oct. 26, 2017. The nomination has now been on the Senate backburner for more than a year. As a result, the new administration has had to rely primarily on holdover executives from the Obama administration which designed RAD in 2012. Then HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan subsequently helped ease the concept through Congress in the app [...]

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11/30/18 5:30 PM

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