HUD to Target Public Housing Undocumented Immigrants

One of the first items on HUD’s new agenda will be the status of undocumented immigrants living in public housing and/or receiving public subsidies such as Section 8 housing vouchers. HUD sources tell us the Trump administration transition team is scouring HUD policies and actions, written and spoken, that allow undocumented non-citizens to receive public subsidies, particularly housing. Public housing authorities now are required to report to HUD the citizenship status of all members of households receiving federal subsidies who live in public or assisted housing. That means the department has a complete record of potentially ineligible tenants, or at least supposedly has such information in hand. HUD rules allow illegal immigrants to live in public or assisted housing if at least one member of the household is a U.S. citize [...]

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2/24/17 5:39 PM

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Reprinted from Housing Affairs Letter - Try a sample