HUD Concedes 'Rapid Re-Housing' Blunder

A program of rapidly placing the most chronic homeless individuals and destitute families into temporary housing with the expectation they could quickly return to self-sufficiency is a multi-million dollar failure, according to a three-year HUD study issued in October 2016 when the nation’s attention was riveted to the presidential campaigns and elections. The study’s title -- “Family Options Report” – appears suspiciously like a veiled effort to mask how HUD plunged virtually headlong into the expensive program without adequate preparation based solely on trial programs in Los Angeles, Minneapolis, and Lancaster, PA. The report gathered dust throughout all of 2017 while HUD was -- and still is -- in administrative turmoil. More than a year has passed since Donald Trump assumed the presidency, but the administration has yet to name a nominee for assistant secretary for the Office of Policy Development & Research. PD&R engineered the program. Meanwhile, Obama administration appointees and hires still conduct PD&R policy initiatives in the absence of new leadership.  Congressiona [...]

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1/5/18 5:30 PM

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