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Housing Affairs Letter
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Housing Affairs Letter helps you keep up with the important news affecting your public and private housing interests. Each week, Housing Affairs Letter offers you a quick, authoritative, “executive briefing” on the housing news you need to know about nationwide— from the latest in federal budget developments... to the continuing affordable housing crisis... to brownfields redevelopment... to the growing insurance issues surrounding toxic mold... to proposed new tax credits for builders... and much, much more.

For four decades there has been no better source of independent, unbiased coverage of the entire housing industry than Housing Affairs Letter. We give you the inside scoop on a wide range of housing topics including:

  • Congressional legislation
  • Fair housing developments
  • Public, private, and subsidized housing
  • FHA and other HUD agencies
  • Housing industry indicators
  • Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Ginnie Mae
  • Mortgage finance
  • Federal Reserve Board actions
  • Rural housing
  • Senior housing

Since 1961 we’ve been one of the first to report on the biggest stories coming out of HUD, and are often able to provide you with details on proposed and final federal rules before they’re officially published!