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Landlords Gird For New Tenant-Screening Fight

A new tenant-screening law passed by the Washington State Legislature in March has landlords facing the prospect of a new legislative battle and tenant groups rejoicing. The Fair Tenant Screening Act (SB6315) puts new restraints on the methods used by landlords and tenant screening firms to screen prospective tenants.

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(SECTION 8) Seattle Section 8 Wait List Deluge

The number of people seeking assistance from the King County, WA Housing Authority (KCHA) Section 8 housing voucher program more than doubles the number recorded in 2007, the last time the authority's waiting

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(EVICTION) Tenants Entitled to Trial on Unpaid Rent Claim

It appears the two sides had an agreement worked out but could not agree on the wording of the order so it took additional attorneys' fees to get back to where the landlord and tenants wanted to be in the first place -- fighting over one month's rent.

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(FHLB SEATTLE) Shakeup At Seattle Home Loan Bank

The Federal Home Loan Bank of Seattle enters into a consent order with its regulator, the Federal Housing Finance Agency that requires the bank to improve its reserve capital position and change its

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(HOMELESS CAMPS) Homeless Camp Review Panel Formed

Seattle, WA Mayor Mike McGinn forms a review panel to make recommendations on how the city should respond to homeless camps in light of drastic budget cuts and increasing need

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(SECTION 8) PHA Lauds Itself On Sec. 8 Effort

King County Housing Authority officials applaud their effort to more than double the number of families on the authority's Sec. 8 roll in 10 years. The public housing agency reached the 10,000 mark on

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(DEVELOPMENT) Massive Development At Seattle Site

A $400 million plan to redevelop a public housing site is receiving scant public interest regarding the potential environmental impact the project will generate

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(WELFARE RULES) New Rules For Welfare To Disabled

Washington state lawmakers approve reforms to the state program that gives housing vouchers, cash and health care to disabled people in a move that could be a model for other states. The

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(ENVIRONMENT STUDY) Massive Housing Plan Studied

HUD sets a May 17 deadline for public comment on plans made by the Seattle Housing Authority and the City of Seattle's Human Services Department to conduct an environmental impact

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(TRUST FUND) Bankers Reject Housing Trust Bill

A legislative proposal to double a state document-recording fee to help replenish Washington state's Housing Trust Fund is frowned upon by the banking community, which considers the move a

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