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HUD Threatens Ohio Fair Housing Move

The law would also target housing activists involved in undercover operations as “testers” to file civil-rights complaints against landlords. Backers of the measure say it is designed to protect landlords and other housing providers from costly legal battles filed by activists posing as applicants, known as “testers,” to catch discriminatory landlords.

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Ohio Challenges Its Fair Housing Rules

Opponents say Senate Bill 349 is fundamentally un-American and would make the state’s fair housing law unenforceable while backers contend it would protect landlords from being victimized by fair housing organizations that receive a share of financial penalties imposed on landlords they accuse of housing violations.

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Asbestos Red Tape Slows Demolitions

Ohio cities and the state's congressional delegation want the Environmental Protection Agency to ease asbestos remediation rules they contend are slowing efforts by cities and land banks to raze and rehabilitate abandoned properties for neighborhood stabilization and redevelopment.

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(NEW SHORELINE DEFINITION) State High Court Defines Lake Shoreline

In a ruling favorable to beachfront property owners, the Ohio Supreme Court unanimously agrees that public access to Lake Erie begins at the point where water meets a disturbance, not as the state claimed where the high tide

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(NEW DEVELOPMENT) New Public Housing For Toledo

Tucked in the heart of the rust belt, Toledo, OH is poised for a comeback after demolishing some of the last remnants of decay plaguing the former auto and glass-manufacturing hub. The Lucas Metropolitan Housing

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(PUBLIC HOUSING) PHA Exec Indicted In Corruption Probe

George Phillips-Oliver, head of the Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority (CMHA), is charged in a federal indictment with taking bribes and lying to investigators. The indictment caps a broad investigation of bribes offered in

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(LOW-INCOME HOUSING) Ohio Projects Get LIHTC Awards

Thirty-three developments will share $23.8 million in low-income housing tax credits awarded by the Ohio Housing Finance Agency. The projects will provide 1,732 affordable housing units in 22 counties

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(SECURITY DEPOSIT) Landlord Not Required To Provide Itemized List Of Deductions

Lesson: Landlords must be very careful in dealing with and handling tenants' security deposits.  The deposits must be kept in separate accounts in most states, and landlords must account to the tenants for any deductions taken from the deposits following termination of the tenancy – usually w...

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(PHA PROBE) Cleveland Probers Raid PHA Offices

Two offices occupied by the Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority are raided by several law enforcement agencies reportedly seeking evidence of corruption in the public housing authority's Sec. 8

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(FORECLOSURES) Ohio AG Efforts May Be For Naught

Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray attempts to pressure the banking industry in the state to halt changes in faulty foreclosure paperwork and instead modify mortgage loans. Cordray sent a letter

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