Housing Affairs Letter


(PREMISES LIABILITY) Landlord Cannot Be Held Liable After Two Tenants Die In A House Fire

Lesson: The landlord in this case didn't violate any housing regulations for leasing a house with only one door to a family which lost two family members in a house fire.  The landlord may have been liable had it retained possession or control over the property, according to the court. But...

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PHA Snubs Stimulus Cash

By comparison with the country's 3,200 public housing authorities, the North Platte Housing Authority is one of the smallest with about 250 housing units to manage. But apparently it

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County Rapped On Spending

Douglas County shouldn't spend HUD subsidies on nonfederal housing development programs without department approval, says

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Makeovers For Rural Housing

Five rural rental housing complexes in the state will be modernized to ensure quality housing at affordable rates without increasing rents, says the Agriculture Dept.

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