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Acceleration Of Disaster Aid Sought

HUD officials huddle with Louisiana and Mississippi development officials and entitlement communities to determine how it can speed reallocation of Community Development Block Grant and HOME funds to help repair and replace housing in 69 parishes suffering damage from Hurricane Isaac.

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(PROPERTY TAKING) State Property Taking Tightened

Mississippi voters endorse a measure Nov. 8 barring the state from using eminent domain to give land to private developers. The referendum was an end run around Gov. Haley Barbour (R) who vetoed similar legislation three years ago

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(PAINT VERDICT APPEAL) Paint Maker Appeals Toxic Lead Verdict

Paint manufacturer Sherwin-Williams tells the Mississippi Supreme Court it is not liable for the illnesses of a boy alleged to have eaten lead-tainted paint chips. A county jury awarded the boy and his mother $7 million in 2009

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(PAINT LAWSUIT) Lead Paint Lawsuits Continue Unabated

Eleven years after Rhode Island led the way suing manufacturers of lead-based paint for poisoning damages, Cleveland, OH paint maker Sherwin-Williams appears before the Mississippi Supreme Court to argue

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(DISASTER AID) State Retreats On Katrina Housing Aid

Two years after Mississippi officials persuaded HUD to approve diversion of more than $600 million of aid awarded the state in special Community Development Block Grants to restore housing

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(FEMA TRAILERS) Handful Of FEMA Trailers Remain

Mississippi officials say only 176 of the 45,000 trailers supplied by the Federal Emergency Management Agency remain occupied five years after Hurricane Katrina swept through the Gulf Coast region.

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(HOUSING REPLACED) Senior Housing Restored At Katrina Site

Waveland, MS officials mark the five-year milestone of Hurricane Katrina by opening a new senior housing complex. The $12.3 million Oak Haven apartments contain 80 units for tenants 50-years

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(PROPERTY TAKING) Eminent Domain Reform Sought, Again

Mississippi's farmers lead a renewed attempt toward eminent domain reform, as they seek citizen signatures to bring the issue back to state lawmakers for consideration and to get a final version

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(STORM AID) Fight Rages For Katrina Housing Aid

A nearly two-year fight challenging a governor's diversion of federal aid for Hurricane Katrina replacement housing to a port rehabilitation project is kept alive with a request to reinstate a

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(COURTS) Lead Paint $7M Verdict Stands

A Mississippi judge denies a request from paint manufacturer Sherwin-Williams to order a new trial and judgment in a lead paint poisoning case involving a former high school sports star who could

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