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Justice Obstruction Alluded In Letter

Four Republican lawmakers ask the Justice Department to answer why it allowed St. Paul, MN to drop a pending lawsuit regarding the Fair Housing Act. The lawsuit challenged the concept of “disparate impact” which allows fair housing claims although the policy in question has no intention of discrimination even if bias occurs because of it

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(REASONABLE ACCOMMODATION) Tenant May Not Use 'Reasonable Accommodation' As Defense To Eviction

Lesson: The appellate court would not let the tenant use her reasonable accommodation claim as a defense to the eviction action.  The landlord was very reasonable in this case and gave the tenant the extra time she requested. She then failed to perform her part of the agreement, and the ap...

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(HOUSING MARKET) Minnesota Sees New Market Dip

Minnesota officials point to a likely new wave of foreclosures prompted by lingering unemployment rather than bad loans. The outlook was prompted by four quarters of increasing foreclosures.

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(HOUSING LEGISLATION) Home Sales Tax For Affordable Housing

A bill originating in the Minnesota House would use a portion of home sale taxes to build affordable housing. The measure anticipates that the state will collect additional mortgage registry and

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(SEC. 8) More Sec. 8 Housing Embraced

Eleven cities in Minnesota's Metropolitan Council's jurisdiction will provide a combined 150 affordable housing units to HUD's Sec. 8 housing voucher program under the department's Family Affordable

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(SEC.8 AID) Budget Cuts Into Sec. 8 Aid

A move by Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty to eliminate the state's General Assistance Program could have a major impact on Sec. 8 housing subsidies and leave 15,000 of the state's poorest residents

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(CONTRACTING) St. Paul Bows To HUD Complaint

Admitting the city didn't keep the proper paperwork, St. Paul, MN officials agree to settle a Sec. 3 discrimination complaint with HUD. The city will spend $1 million over four years to seek, train and hire

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(ELDERLY) Schools Convert To Senior Co-ops

A Minnesota developer proposes to purchase two former elementary schools in Minneapolis and redevelop them into senior cooperatives. The plan by United Properties would link the new

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Mortgage Firm Faces Lending Charges

State Atty. Gen. Lori Swanson sues Source Lending Corp., alleging the firm used bait-and-switch tactics to sell mortgages to homebuyers. The firm, founded in 2003, employs 85 people and

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Governor Vetoes Subprime Bill

Gov. Tim Pawlenty rejects a bill which would have frozen the foreclosure process for one year on all subprime or negative amortization loans made between Jan. 1, 2001 and Aug. 1 2007. The legislation, the proposed Minnesota Subprime Foreclosure

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