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HUD, New York PHA Strike Deal

Following a deal struck between HUD Secretary Ben Carson and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D), the embattled New York City Housing Authority will remain under city authority but operate under tight HUD constraints.

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Welfare Rule To Hit Public Housing

If a proposed rule succeeds and is eventually made final, thousands of legal and illegal immigrants could lose their public housing and Section 8 housing voucher privileges.

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RAD Reaches 11% Conversion Milestone

HUD is celebrating completion of rehabilitation of 100,000 public housing units in the public-private partnership under the umbrella of the Rental Assistance Demonstration program.

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HUD Felon Checks Haphazard At Best

When HUD at the direction of the Justice Department in 2011 allowed ex-convicts to apply for public housing and Section 8 vouchers without initial criminal checks, the department failed to craft proper procedures and guidelines for public housing authorities to follow.

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HUD Sets HOTMA Over-Income Limit

HUD unveils the strategy it will use to determine the over-income limit of 120% of the area median income as required in the Housing Opportunity Through Modernization Act of 2016. The method is identical to HUD’s proposal disclosed in a Nov. 29, 2016 notice.

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Congress Bails Out Carson Rent Hike

HUD Secretary Ben Carson’s plan to increase rents for able-bodied recipients of federal housing subsidies has evaporated, thanks to Congress approving a two-year budget plan boosting housing appropriations.

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Carson Kicks Off Legacy Project

What may develop into HUD Secretary Ben Carson’s legacy initiative at HUD has been unveiled in Detroit, the secretary’s hometown and the center of his attention for housing restoration as secretary.

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Public Housing Takes Big Rescission Hit

As customary in recent years, HUD would take the brunt of budget cutbacks in the Trump administration’s latest effort to slash federal spending. This time public housing bears the heavy load of cuts, and the administration makes clear its continuing effort to reduce federal spending

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HUD ‘Two Heartbeat’ Policy Under Fire

A move by the Peoria (IL) Housing Authority could have far reaching consequences if HUD allows the agency to bypass it rules. The long-troubled agency’s board decided unanimously to scrap the “Two Heartbeats Per Room” policy.

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NYCHA Chief Quits Under Fire

Facing a growing chorus of criticism over lead paint inspections, lack of heat for hundreds of public housing tenants, and other management problems, New York City Housing Authority Chairwoman Shola Olatoye quits after four years on the job as Mayor Bill de Blasio’s (D) top

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