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Shutdown Begins To Calcify Operations

With both sides of the government shutdown squabble hardening their stances, the prospect of the partial government closure extending beyond what financial resources are still available has HUD, the Agriculture Department and other housing and associated program administrators

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HUD Settles On Fair Housing Gambit

Disparate impact was a central strategy in the Obama administration’s plan to close off all loopholes in the enforcement of the 1968 Fair Housing Act.

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More HUD Turmoil Without Leaders

A new ruckus erupts at HUD as Senate Democrats prepare to continue blocking HUD leadership nominees while the department spills into its third year of turmoil and backbiting.

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HUD 24 Years Into Management Chaos

In 1994, the Government Accountability Office declared that HUD was on the operational high-risk list because of management deficiencies. Twenty-four years later, HUD’s inspector general says the same problems persist, and the department stumbles along day-by-day with

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Section 8 Voucher Acceptance Standstill

HUD’s much-heralded landlord listening forums wrapped up Oct. 18 in Utah. Reports seeping out of the seven forums staged nationally in September and October portray landlord interest in joining the Section 8 housing voucher program indifferent at best.

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White House Pivots On HUD Move

A Trump administration move to put a political hack in the Interior Department as acting inspector general backfires and leaves HUD Secretary Ben Carson holding the proverbial political bag. In other words, Carson becomes the administration’s scapegoat.

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HUD Outlook: Carson’s New Executive Mettle

Confident that HUD Secretary Ben Carson has gotten his political feet wet and is now self-assured enough to run HUD without White House interference, President Donald Trump has given Carson thumbs-up to shake up and streamline the department and policies.

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HUD Slammed For Long-Term Problems

A new report compiled by the Council of Inspectors General on Financial Oversight, which includes HUD in the lineup of nine regulators such as the Federal Housing Finance Agency, details severe problems and challenges facing HUD

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Carson Unveils Public Housing Reform

Holding fast to his policy goal to find quick exits for families needing government housing subsidies, HUD Secretary Ben Carson outlines a three-prong plan to determine the best approaches to shifting people out of public and assisted housing and back into the private

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Carson Readies Surprise Policy Shift

With HUD Secretary Ben Carson apparently comfortably ensconced in his position following a series of political gaffes (see HAL issue No. 18-34, Sept. 07, 2018), he is preparing to abandon policy positions promised during President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign for the presidency,

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