Housing Affairs Letter


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Homeless Graded For Housing Aid

A new homeless placement tool developed by the Economic Roundtable awards housing to homeless people based on the economic costs they incur is being refined to include health costs in the calculations.

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Gaps In HUD Homeless Report

HUD’s latest point-in-time homelessness survey shows a slight increase in the number of homeless people but the dry account compiled during a one day survey across the county early this year fails to portray the full extent of the emerging crisis.

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Court Halts Houston Homeless Law

A Houston federal court judge temporarily bans the city from enforcing its new law placing legal curbs on the activities of homeless persons. The ruling by U.S. District Judge Kenneth Hoyt essentially bars the city from citing or arresting anyone for using a tent on public property.

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Housing Money To Bail Out Medi-Cal

California senators are poised to pass a bill that would divert low-income and other housing funding to support physical rehabilitation of homeless patients served by Medi-Cal, the state’s version of Medicaid.

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Housing As Medicine For The Homeless

Hawaii becomes the first state to seek legislative approval to declare homelessness as a medical condition and set up a “right-to-housing” as part of the cure.

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Homeless Vets See Millions in HUD-VASH Cash

HUD and the Department of Veterans Affairs are sending $2.9 million to local public housing agencies across the country in an effort to provide permanent homes to 529 veterans and their families who are experiencing homelessness in rural areas.

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Homelessness True Count Flawed

Coming at a time when HUD faces across the board cuts in its programs under a new administration’s budget cutting plans, HUD’s determination to maintain its six-year portrayal of reduced homelessness nationwide is drawing jeers from community officials.

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Permanent Housing For Homeless

Giving homeless families and individuals permanent subsidies for housing and social service counselors would solve the homelessness problem according to a three year HUD study and congressional justification for a move to subsidize housing permanently for the homeless.

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Rental Needs For Homeless Children

With homelessness among school-age children at a record high, the Washington, DC-based Center on Budget & Policy Priorities (CBPP), says the demand for rental housing has risen sharply.

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Homelessness Among Elderly Explored

More older adults are homeless or at risk of homelessness than at any time in recent history. As the population ages, more adults are aging into poverty. The lack of affordable housing and higher costs for health care and other necessities are also leaving greater numbers of older

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