Government Shutdown Underscores Homelessness Problem

However the federal government shutdown plays out, it has served to put the spotlight on the growing homelessness crisis in America. The shutdown, which has the mammoth HUD operation at a virtual standstill, even brought to the surface HUD’s largely ignored annual homelessness report to Congress which shows homelessness on the rise for the second consecutive year. The report -- The 2018 Annual Homeless Assessment Report to Congress -- was issued in December at a time when shutdown banter was at the top of the Beltway agenda. The study, greeted with little fanfare, likely would have been consigned to the dusty shelves in one of HUD’s sub-basements had it not been for the shutdown. Now, with the prospect of thousands of government-subsidized families being turned out into the street, the report is getting attention. There is an added touch to the irony. [...]

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1/18/19 6:06 PM

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