FY 2017 Federal Grantmaking Momentarily Stalls

The release of FY 2017 federal funding solicitations has decreased since the inauguration of President Trump due to several factors. The government operating under a continuing resolution (PL 114-254), the Senate’s delay in confirming Trump administration federal agency secretaries and overall uncertainty about the direction of federal funding under the new administration are among the major causes for the holdup in FY 2017 grantmaking. For example, the Education Department hasn’t released a solicitation since Jan. 13, when the agency started the competitions for the Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad Fellowship Program (CFDA Number 84.022A) and the Grants to Charter Management Organization for the Replication and expansion of High-Quality Charter Schools (CFDA Number 84.282M). Grantseekers shouldn’t be too alarmed by the current situation. This time of year is traditionally among the busiest for federal grantmaking, except during times of White House administration changes. This turnover in power is playing out relatively similar to other administration changes. In the lead-up to the inauguration, federal agencies, still being led by appointees from the Obama administration, released a considerable amount of FY 2017 competitions prior to the Trump administration assuming power. The new administration has now stopped the bulk of solicitations from being released to allow its secretaries to be approved and begin assessing the path forward. Appropriations talks upcoming Solicitations should start being relea [...]

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2/10/17 10:30 PM

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