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Low-Income Families to Receive Weight Management Packages

The program will increase the number of packaged pediatric weight management interventions (PWMIs) for use by healthcare, community and public health organizations to serve low-income children and their caregivers. The solicitation will fund demonstrations where researchers take existing evidence-based PWMIs and convert them into user-friendly “packaged” materials to be replicated and pilot tested in real-world settings. The demonstration will provide ongoing support to children and families through a PWMI and referral to community-based resources for healthy nutrition and physical activity behaviors.

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Arbor Day Competition in the Works

The program supports innovative urban forestry initiatives in low- to moderate-income neighborhoods. Funding may be used to purchase, plant and maintain trees and for educational activities. This is a reimbursement grant, meaning funds will be provided upon completion of a project and a final report.

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Schools to Sustain Physical Activity Efforts

These grants help schools sustain healthy nutrition and physical activity programs. Applicants must increase student: awareness of the importance of healthy eating and increased physical activity; access to nutrient rich foods; and opportunities for in-school physical activity.

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