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Federal, Private Opportunities to Reduce VA Woes

Organizations serving veterans can explore the various federal and private funding opportunities, as the Veterans Affairs Dept. continues to experience numerous delays and significant backlogs in paying and reimbursing veterans for everything from health care services to education benefits. The Hou...

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Grants to Maintain Veteran Cemeteries

The program assists states and federally recognized tribal governments in providing gravesites for veterans in those areas where VA's national cemeteries can’t fully satisfy their burial needs. Grants may be used only for the purpose of establishing, expanding or improving veteran cemeteries that are owned and operated by a state, federally recognized tribal government or U.S. territory.

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Rural Veterans to Receive Transportation

The program assists veterans in highly rural areas in traveling to all types of VA medical care, including medical centers. The grantees provide transportation programs in counties with fewer than seven people per square mile. There is no cost to participate in the program for veterans who live in an area where a program is available.

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