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Grantees to Prevent White Collar Crime

The program supports research to identify, prevent and reduce white collar crime in the United States. This solicitation focuses on three types of white-collar crime: (1) health care fraud; (2) cyber-crime against individuals; and (3) elder fraud.

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Artificial Intelligence to Improve Reentry Rates

The program supports research and development projects using AI to improve the successful reentry of offenders under community supervision. Ideally, the funding will result in fielded AI solutions that remain in use with community supervision agencies at the completion of a project.

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Governments to Implement Offender System

These programs help grantees implement the Sex Offender Registration & Notification Act. SORNA protects the public from convicted sex offenders by establishing a comprehensive national system for the registration and notification of these individuals.

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Gang Investigation Account Triples

The program supports research and program evaluation projects to reduce street gang activity and violence in the United States. NIJ expects the grantees to produce findings with high practical utility for gang prevention, intervention, enforcement or reentry strategies.

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NIJ to Support Domestic Violence Studies

The program supports research to improve knowledge of intimate partner and dating violence, stalking and sexual violence to prevent and respond to these crimes. Applicants can propose studies to reduce violent crime, respond to victimization, protect police officers and enhance investigations and prosecution of domestic violence crimes.

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Correctional Facilities to Offer Incarcerated Family Services

The program supports services in detention and correctional facilities for incarcerated individuals who have children younger than age 18. Program activities include: (1) developing strategies to improve communication between the child and his or her incarcerated parent while maintaining safe facilities; (2) providing transitional reentry services incorporating a focus on parental responsibility for incarcerated parents; and (3) ensuring the youth receive positive youth development services.

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Drug Prevention Tools to Aid Law Enforcement

The program supports research on evidence-based tools, protocols and policies for law enforcement and other criminal justice agencies to address drug trafficking, drug markets and drug-related violence. The research focuses are criminal investigation, prosecution, drug intelligence and community surveillance relevant to narcotics law enforcement, forensic science and medicolegal death investigation. The priority topics are: (1) fentanyl and its illicit analogues; (2) methamphetamine; and (3) illegal marijuana markets.

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Partners to Advance Adult Drug Court Operations

The program assists operational adult drug treatment court programs in improving program practices. BJA envisions a collaborative model of cooperating partners to assist operational courts with their individual goals.

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Prosecutors to Develop Best Practices

The program provides prosecutors with information, resources and training and technical assistance to develop effective strategies and programs to address and prosecute individuals who commit violent crime. BJA encourages prosecutors to use data in the development of their violent crime strategies and programs. Grantees will: test promising crime prevention, response and reduction practices; implement evidence-based interventions; improve the effectiveness and efficiency of prosecutors’ processes and procedures; and establish sustainable partnerships with researchers to evaluate their effectiveness.

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Studies to Focus on Desistance from Crime

The program supports research to understand and aid in accelerating the process of desistance from crime. Applicants should propose research with clear implications for criminal justice policy and practice in the United States.

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