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Homeland Security

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Fire Departments to Maintain Workforce

SAFER grants help fire departments maintain an adequate workforce to provide 24-hour fire safety coverage for the nation’s communities. Funds may be used to hire and rehire firefighters.

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Nonprofits to Provide Boating Safety Classes

These funds go for recreational boating safety programs to help reduce casualties. Any initiative that can help to reduce recreational boating deaths, injuries or property damage is welcomed. Applicants should have strong partnerships, including with other funders and like-minded organizations.

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$35M to Enhance Fire Safety

The program supports projects that enhance the safety of the public and firefighters from fire and related hazards. The primary goal is to target high-risk populations, reduce injury and prevent death.

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Firefighter Grant Program Sees Funding Increase

These grants are awarded to fire departments and EMS to enhance their ability to protect the public and fire service personnel from fire and related hazards. Funds may be used for equipment, resources, and training.

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Program to Prioritize Community Flood Prevention Projects

The program supports states and tribal governments in reducing or eliminating the risk of repetitive flood damage to buildings and structures insured under the National Flood Insurance Program. In this competition, FEMA will prioritize proposals addressing community flood risk by setting aside $70 million for this purpose. FEMA will seek to fund two types of community flood mitigation activities: (1) advance assistance for flood mitigation design and development of community flood mitigation projects; and (2) mitigation projects addressing community flood risk for the purpose of reducing NFIP flood claim payments.

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Governments to Prepare for Natural Disasters

State, tribal and local governments use these grants to implement and sustain cost-effective measures to reduce the risk to individuals and property from natural hazards. The ultimate goal is to reduce reliance on federal funding for future disasters.

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Task Forces to Conduct Urban Searches and Rescues

These funds go for the 28 national task forces staffed and equipped to conduct round-the-clock search-and-rescue operations following earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, aircraft accidents, hazardous materials spills and catastrophic structure collapses. These task forces, when deployed, support state and local emergency responders’ efforts to locate victims and manage recovery operations.

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States to Deliver Training

The grants support states in delivering training and education programs to fire and emergency services personnel. These grants provide for both monetary and technical assistance to help states bridge the gaps in their training programs, including delivery of courses and the associated marketing, administrative costs and electronic feedback of student data.

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Flood Insurance Program to Be More Effective

The program strengthens and increases the effectiveness of the National Flood Insurance Program through fostering strong federal, state, tribal, regional and local partnerships for the purposes of reducing flood losses and promoting community resiliency. In addition to this solicitation, the agency is offering solicitations for awards in each FEMA region.

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Intercity Buses to See Improved Security

The vast bulk of America's critical infrastructure is owned and operated by state, local and private sector partners. The program helps ensure this infrastructure is secure. IBSGP funds are primarily intended to support the work of operators of fixed-route intercity and charter bus services in the nation's major metropolitan areas.

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