Federal & Foundation Assistance Monitor

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Federal & Foundation Assistance Monitor is your source for new public and private grant opportunities, policy news and fundraising tips.

You'll find FAM filled with a comprehensive review of federal funding announcements, private grants, and legislative actions affecting community programs including education, economic development, housing, children and youth services, substance abuse, and healthcare. Each grant notice is categorized by subject matter.

For foundations, it indicates areas of interest and projected grant awards, as well as funding priorities for both national and regional organizations. In addition, FAM contains proposal-writing tips to help grant coordinators and development professionals write more successful applications.

FAM also offers advice from grant officials on exactly what funders are looking for, and details key points from fundraising workshops sponsored by the Foundation Center, the Support Center, and other public and private agencies.

Frequently FAM obtains advance notice of proposed regulations, agency memorandums, and other items unavailable elsewhere.

Recent News:

Investigators to Ensure Anesthesia Safety

The program supports clinical and educational research and development in anesthesia patient safety projects. Areas of research interest include studies on: increasing patient safety, improving patient outcomes and decreasing incidence or severity of complications, morbidity or mortality; addressing peri-anesthetic safety problems for relatively healthy patients; and promising methods of patient safety with a defined and direct path to implementation into clinical care.

10/19/18 09:56 AM

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