DiningGate Traps HUD Sec’y Carson In Lie

HUD’s DiningGate blunder isn’t going anywhere soon despite the wishes of the department’s inner sanctum that the kerfuffle somehow evaporate. The mainstream media, which rarely pays HUD much attention, now has the story in its clutches and is not likely to let go unless something more earthshaking or titillating emerges. Dr. Ben Carson has made some big political and social missteps during his one-year tenure as HUD secretary, among them a seeming nonchalance about Department activities, but he has a tough road ahead to get out of the White House woodshed. Regardless of how broad DiningGate expands, it is unlikely to unseat Carson or cause any long-term harm other than continued public skepticism that he is in over his head. Carson has a far more arduous duty to repair his credibility after trying camouflage his lack of bureaucratic moxy and inside-the-Beltway administrative tactics by lying about his involvement in DiningGate. Carson’ [...]

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3/16/18 11:44 PM

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