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Vision/Passion Are Notable, But You Still Need Money

Vision and passion are wonderful things; they are driving forces behind the creation of most nonprofits. But, it's money that keeps the organization running. Behind the lofty public goals of the organization lie the organization's basic needs, from making payroll to buying equipment and paying the electric bill. And all that takes funding. Going after money is hard work; in fact, it's probably the hardest part of any grant-seeker's job. Grant-seekers must be willing to go hat-in-hand seeking funding, and they have to be able to show why their organization -- as opposed to somebody else's -- deserves to be funded. That means they have to make the organization as attractive as possible to potential donors. Keep in mind that there are more than 1.5 million nonprofit organizations registered in the United States, including: 1,036,255 public charities, 100,796 private foundations and 370,180 other types of nonprofits such as chambers of commerce, fraternal organizations and civic leagues. Private grant-making organizations dispense about $335 billion per year. Public charities reported over $1.65 trillion in total revenues and $1.57 trillion in total expenses last year. Of the revenue: 21% came from contributions, gifts and government grants; 73% came from program service revenues, which include government fees and contracts and 6% came from "other" sources including dues, rental income, special event income, and gains or losses from goods sold. The impact of these organizations...

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Children & Youth Funding Report is about to merge with Federal & Foundation Assistance Monitor! What this means is beginning in September, not only are you going to receive the latest updates about funding sources for those important children- and youth-related projects, you’re going to have unbridled access to the entire the panoply of private and federal grant-makers.

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