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ACF to Launch Review of $100M Foster Care Initiative

The Health & Human Services Dept. (HHS) wants to launch a review of programs funded by the new $100 million Permanency Innovations Initiative (PII) grants program, which is aimed at helping foster-care children find permanent homes.

Public Comment Deadline: April 22.

PII, formerly known as the Initiative to Reduce Long-Term Foster Care (LTFC), aims to improve outcomes for subgroups of children who have the most serious barriers to permanency. HHS' Admin. for Children and Families (ACF) wants to start evaluating the effectiveness of current grant recipients to see if the successful programs can be duplicated.

ACF intends to build the evidence base for innovative interventions that enhance well-being and improve permanency outcomes for those most at risk for long- term foster care and who experience the most serious barriers to permanency, according to a Feb. 22 Federal Register notice.

Info: (notice) or (PII). 

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Foundations have established procedures for grant review and those whose job it is to review grants will probably not be happy if you go over their head or around their authority.