Children and Youth Funding Report

Children & Youth Funding Report provides coverage on public and private funding for high-risk, low income and underserved youth and children. The publication is routinely packed with detailed information about federal, foundation and private grant opportunities for programs in such vital areas as public assistance, child welfare, youth crime, juvenile justice, education, mental health, substance abuse, job training, disability services, health care, and other children, youth, and family related areas. Plus, you'll find valuable advice from public and private officials on how to prepare winning proposals, and case studies of successful fundraising activities, ranging from special events to direct mail campaigns.

Recent News:

Report: Tax Reform Must Not Be Balanced on Backs of Families, Children

President Trump and Republicans in Congress are considering tax reforms which could cut corporate tax rates and provide substantial relief for the wealthy while shifting the nation's tax burden onto the poor, working families and children, a new report says. A Center on Budget and Policy Prioritie...

5/24/17 10:54 AM full story

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