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Community Health Funding Report helps nonprofit executive directors, program coordinators and development directors maximize their fundraising and grant seeking effectiveness. Our staff of editors highlights funding sources for a wide range of healthcare concerns including substance abuse, teen pregnancy, minority healthcare, maternal/child health, chronic illness, mental health and HIV/AIDS programs.

You'll find CHF filled with public and private grant announcements, interviews with grant officials, practical tips on preparing winning grant applications, case studies of effective fundraising techniques and updates on federal budget allocations. CHF also keeps healthcare professionals informed about federal agency actions and congressional developments that could affect funding for community programs.

Finally, CHF examines how managed care and other healthcare reforms have affected the delivery of services at the local level. Moreover, in-depth reports of model programs from around the country show administrators more effective ways to use their limited resources in innovative ways to deliver the best results for their communities.

Recent News:

Study Examines Regional Perceptions of Marijuana Use

A new report by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration shows that rates of marijuana use and perceptions of risks of harm associated with marijuana use vary significantly among regions of the country and even within states.  “This report provides a very detailed un...

7/29/16 03:22 AM full story

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