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Bringing the Transportation Message to the Neediest Audience

Oftentimes seniors lose their mobility simply because they are unaware of the options that they have. Officials in one suburban Washington, DC community think they have may have a solution for that problem.

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Center Supports Expanded Privatization of Aviation Certifications

The report, while acknowledging changes in Federal Aviation Administration policies that have been made in the last few years, calls for the FAA to continue implementing changes in its aviation certification procedures in order to make certification more nimble and less prone to costly delays.

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L.A.’s Metro Transit Connector Project Reaches Key Milestone

The $1.55 Billion Metro Regional Connector Transit Project, a 1.9-mile long subterranean twin rail tunnel linking Los Angeles’ Gold, Blue and Expo lines, has punched through the site of the future 2nd/Hope Station in Bunker Hill.

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Plan Calls for Tunnelizing the Nation’s Freeways

If a plan designed for the Urban Land Institute by the University of Minneapolis’ Metropolitan Design Center catches on, “freeway lids” will cover many of the nation’s freeways located in urban settings.

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Major Infrastructure Bill Seen Unlikely This Legislative Year

As things now stand, determining where federal lawmakers stand on jump-starting U.S. infrastructure investment remains a mystery. Unless and until Congress decides what it wants to build and how to fund it, the likelihood of a major infrastructure bill passing anytime soon remains decidedly remote.

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New Transit Poses Opportunity and Threat for Community

Langley Park, MD, a suburb of Washington, DC, will get two new transit stops when the planned Metro Purple Line is complete, but a new report refers to this as “both an opportunity and a threat” for residents.

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Private Contractor Garners Austin Transit Contract Renewal

With projected revenue of approximately $70 million per year, this is one of the biggest urban bus public transportation contracts in the nation.

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Massive $70 Million Bridge Project Moves to Next Phase

The project will convert the existing shoulders on the bridge to create a new vehicle travel lane on the bridge’s lower deck (eastbound direction) and a new bicycle and pedestrian path on the upper deck (westbound direction). A movable barrier would be installed on the upper deck to separate bicyclists and pedestrians from motorists. The project also includes ancillary improvements to enhance access to the new eastbound travel lane and the new bike/ped path.

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Bus Rapid Transit Seen Leveraging More Investment Than Rail

A BRT project along a major thoroughfare in Cleveland -- the Cleveland Healthline -- has already generated $5.8 billion in development, or $114 for each transit dollar invested. By comparison, the Blue Line, a light rail project in Portland, OR, has generated just $3.74 per dollar invested, according to reports.

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Agency to Open Dialogue on Transportation Funding

The Federal Transit Administration establishes a multi-faceted Expedited Public Transportation Improvement Initiative -- a.k.a., XPEDITE -- and solicits participation in a forthcoming online dialogue on the initiative.   The goal of XPEDITE is to facilitate the transit industr...

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